Vision Statement
Powerful Learning
Real World Success
Innovative Teaching
Ongoing Commitment
Yearly Improvement

Learning is Priority One!

Canyon Springs High School, as part of an educational community including parents, students, and staff, provides a standards-based, academically challenging and relevant curriculum. All students achieve personal, social/cultural, and academic growth. The curriculum assists in developing lifelong learners and meets required standards. Instruction uses varied strategies to engage students with different learning styles.

Assessment is fair, purposeful and appropriate to the students, content area, and standards. It is performance-based, ongoing, varied, and considerate of diverse learning styles. Assessment results are clearly understood by, and communicated to, students, parents, teachers and administrators. Results are used to drive classroom instruction.

The learning environment is safe, secure, clean and distraction free. It employs a schoolwide set of rules and procedures, consistently enforced to support student learning and to promote fairness and mutual respect. The school provides ample resources for teachers and students.

The entire school monitors and enhances the school vision. Departments, academies and other programs evaluate school activities for consistency with the vision. They report their findings to the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team guides staff development to meet schoolwide goals, address Critical Academic Needs, and enhance activities consistent with the school's vision. The Leadership Team and Staff Focus Group also encourage the implementation of stronger departmental and cross-departmental curriculum and instruction.