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Canyon Springs High School

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This is a reminder to be aware of traffic patterns in and around campus.  You can assist us in these ways:

  • Time your drop-offs and pick-ups to avoid our heaviest traffic times – drop students off early, wait to pick up students for a short time after release. We suggest leaving 15 minutes earlier than you think is necessary.  Early arrival also allows your students time to go to their lockers, greet friends and eat breakfast (all students receive free breakfast). 
  • In the drop-off/pick up areas, pull to either side to wait for your student, leaving the center free for vehicles to exit the area
  • Do not make a u-turn at the bottom of the hill
  • Please avoid pulling in to the church driveway as this triggers a sensor that prevents the signal from maximizing traffic leaving campus

Be aware that drivers who violate traffic regulations may be cited.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work to improve Canyon Springs High School.