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Canyon Springs High School

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Moreno Valley Unified opens first Cyber Innovation Center in the nation

The Moreno Valley Unified School District recently hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, August 19, 2022, at Canyon Springs High School for its Cyber Innovation Center, the first center in a K-12 public school district according to the National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE).

“We are extremely proud of being able to offer this facility to our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Martinrex Kedziora. “The Board of Education, staff, community members and I wholeheartedly supported this project to fulfill the interests of our students as they prepare for college and career. This center will be used by all students in our district as they participate in district competitions and events.”

The Cyber Innovation Center includes three main classrooms: an Esports computer lab, cyber classroom and the cyber innovation lab. Each classroom serves a dual purpose as a classroom and space to host Esports competitions and National Youth Defense competitions. All three spaces feature fully integrated audio-visual systems.

“The center inspires students to become more involved in school,” said School Board President Cleveland Johnson. “Our students are excited and eager to come to class and learn new skills. Through the construction and equipment available, we hope they feel supported by everyone who had a part in this incredible milestone.”

State and local officials such as State Superintendent Tony Thurmond attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to support the opening of the center. 

“I want to thank all of you… for making this center possible,” said Thurmond. “We appreciate you. I am just inspired.”


The Esports Computer lab is 1,351 square feet with thirty-six computer workstations, four 85-inch display monitors, eight ceiling-mounted speakers, and one subwoofer to be used during competitions. 


The Cyber Classroom is 2,280 square feet with forty-eight computer workstations, four 85-inch display monitors, and eight ceiling-mounted speakers to be used during competitions.  The classroom also has two think tank rooms, with each room having its own 75-inch interactive display to be used as a collaboration tool.


The Cyber Innovation Lab is 3,475 square feet with ninety-six computer workstations and a nine 49-inch display monitor matrix system to be used during competitions. The Cyber Innovation Lab has a kitchenette, storage, offices, and technology space.


View photos of the new Cyber Innovation Center and its Ribbon Cutting Event at