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Teacher Distance Learning Platforms & Contact Information » Teacher Distance Learning Platforms

Teacher Distance Learning Platforms

*Information on instruction times and office hours are subject to change
Teacher Learning Platform(s) Live Online
Interaction Time
Office Hours and Platform Email
Ex. Teacher Google Classroom, Email, Class Dojo Zoom, Mon 10-11 Email, Wed 9-10
Alva Google Classroom, Email, Q communications, McGraw Hill online etext When needed only Email or Google Classroom, T, Th 12-2pm
Anaya-Rodas Google Classroom, Email, Remind, Zoom One time Zoom Intro Meeting M@9am T@2pm & Th@7pm Email/Remind T/Th 1-3pm
Arputhasamy Google Classroom, email,
Q Communications, remind,Zoom
IM2 M/W 8-8:30
Precal M/W 8:30 - 9:00
IM3 M/W 9:"00 - 9:30
through zoom
IM2 W/Th: 3-3:30
IM3 W/Th: 3:30 - 4:00
Precal W/Th: 4 - 4:30
through Zoom
Balos Google Classroom, Khan Academy,, email none per union guidance email M/W 11-12
Barahona Google Classroom, emails, and Q Comunication. When needed only E-mail T/th 1:00-3:00
Beaman Google Classroom, Email, Remind, Q Communications Google Meet Q+A, W & Th afternoons (times TBD) Email, T-Th 9-3
Biere Google Classroom, Email, Q Communications, Khan Acadmey, Nearpod, McGraw Hill Zoom Fri 1-2 email 24/7, Fri 1-2
Brooks Google classroom, email. Remind, Q communications, khan academy, nearpod, myhw online homework zoom meetings friday 1 to 3 for all classes zoom mmetings scheduled as need on mon and wed 1 to 3 for Senior AVId google classroom every day as student message Zoom fri 1 to 3
Budde Google Classroom, Email, Remind, Q, Prerecorded Lessons None at this time h
Campbell Google Classroom, Nearpod, HRW, Desmos, Quizzizz, Kami M/W 8-10am Office Hrs. Google Meet M/W 8-10am Office Hrs. Google Meet, emails
Carter Google Classroom, E-mail McGraw Hill E textbook   E-mail or Google classroom M & W 1:30-2:30
Carvajal Google Classroom, Zoom, Khan Academy, Shmoop IM1 - M/W 9:30
Math Studies - M/W 9:00
Math SL - M/W 8:30
all via Zoom
Email & Q Communications Daily
Zoom by Appointment
Casillas Google classroom, ap classroom, email Email, zoom when needed Ongoing email and google classroom ommunication
Chatman Google Classroom, AP Classroom, Shmoop, Email, Screen Castify, Q communications None at this moment Email, Weekdays 9 - 3
Clark Google Classroom, Email, Screencastify Recorded Lessons, Q Communications TBD Email Tuesday's and Thursday's 9am-3pm
Clue Google Classroom, Q Comunication None T 9-10 am Th 2-3 pm email
Collins NEWSELA, Khan Academy,Shmoop Whole Class check in:Tuesdays @ 9am via Zoom Email, cell phone 24/7 Live Teacher support=Zoom
Cox Google Classroom, Screencastify, Flipgrid TBD Monday - Friday 8-5 Email and Google Classroom Messages with specific online hours per class
Crider Google Classroom, Zoom Recorded Lessons, Shmoop for AP, Email, Q Communications NONE Email, Google Forms Daily 9-3
Davis Google Classrom, Remind, Kami, Khan Academy, Q Communications None Monday - Friday 8-10 and 3-5
Dinerstein Google Classroom, Meet or Zoom, Shmoop, Q communications English Honors and Regular English classes, I will use Screencastify to reach out but ELD we are going to go live on Mondays at 10 to check-in. Thursdays 1PM to 3PM by appointment with Zoom or Meet
Donald Google Classroom, Zoom recorded Lessons, Shmoop, Email Q Communications, zoom meeting with IB students Zoom meeting with IB HOTA students 4/28/20 and will update if more Email, Google Forms, Google classroom, 7am-8am and by student request
Edmonds Google Classroom, Loom, Q Communications, Zoom No Live inteaction Mon and Thurs work is disseminated Mon-Fri Office hours via Email, Google Classroom, Remind, Q Comm
Elbo Google classroom, Khan Academy, Loom, lessons, Newsela, Edpuzzle,
AP classroom, KAMI, Phet
Will be online from 1 PM
to 3 PM-chat/discussion
thread in Google classroom
Weekly Newsletter for each subject
M-F: 1-3 PM (Google classroom)
Email, Q Comm, Parking
Lot in Google classroom
Gabra Google classroom, Khan Academy, Kahoot,
Q communications, Shmoop, Quizizz.
Email, Zoom if needed. M-W: 8-10 AM
Email, Q Comm, Google classroom
Garza Google Classroom,Q communications, IXL, Khan Acaemy Zoom Co Teaching IM2 11am Tues-Thur 11-1pm. by Email. Cell phone for caseload support
Givens Google Classroom, Q communications, Screencastify, Google slides, Docs, Sheets, Pear Deck, Kami, Python Shell, Pycharm, NotePad++, Youtube, Typing Mon-Wed: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm- Mon-Wed 10:00 am - 2:00pm Thursday-Friday Review and grade student work and Plan and Develop digital lessons Parent contact and Student meeting 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Email and Zoom
Gonzales Google Classroom,pre recorded screencastify lessons, Q communications none message via google classroom and/or e-mail any time
Gould Google Classroom Zoom Wednesday 2-3 Email M-F 8-5
Hale Google Classroom, lessons are posted. Q communications for announcements. Zoom Wednesday 11-12 Any time via email, and Google Classroom
Hazinski Google Classroom, recorded lessons None email, remind
Hernandez Google Classroom, Screencastify, Q Communications, Padlet, Nearpod, Google Meet Google MeetTuesday weekly overview Eng 1: 8:30-9, Eng 2: 9-9:30, ERWC: 9:30-10 email, Google Meet appt on Thursdays 8-10
Hofer-Caccam Google Classroom, recorded lessons (Screencastify or Loom), Email, Remind, Zoom or Google Meet TBT Tuesday and Thursday based on student need;Thursdays at 4 pm IB Zoom Email, Remind, Zoom/Google meet Friday's 10-1 reserved, and upon student request.
James Google Classroom, Remind, Zoom, e-mail None
Jensen Google Classroom, ScreenCastify or Loom, Embedded audio into Google Slides, Flipgrid, Peardeck None Available as needed via email, remind, flipgrid, google classroom, q communications. Responding promptly to parents and students.
Jimerson Google Classroom, Remind, E-mail, Clever YouTube Pre-recorded Daily YouTube 11 am
Johnstone Google classroom, remind, e-mail, occasional short Recorded videos, online history text,Shmoop None E-mail, Google classroom question thread, will be answering questions in Google classroom live for psychology 11 to 12 on Wednesdays, AP psychology 11 to 12 Tuesdays and Thursdays and US history 1 to 2 PM on Wednesday.
Jones, K Google classroom, remind, e-mail, discussion No Live Sessions Thursdays: 11:00 Am to 1:00 PM.
Jones, T Google Classroom, Remind, Email, Flipgrid, Screencastify, Loom, Springboard Online, QCommunications, Google Meet Google Meet on Friday time TBD Mon-Fri 7am-5:30 p.m.
Lowe Google Classroom, GoFormative, Recorded Lessons, Quizzez, Next Gen Personal Finance, Khan Academy None Google Classroom, Email
Lozano Google Classroom, Zoom, Q Communications, Email, Smart Music Wed. 1-2 and Fri. 10-12 Email, Q Comm, and GC any time. Zoom Wed, 2-3 and Fri, 10-12 if need. Can zoom meet by appointment as well.
Martinez Google Classroom, Remind, Zoom, e-mail None
McFadden Google Classroom, Screencastify, YouTube videos, English & AVID - TBD, Football - Mondays at 1 PM Email anytime. I will respond within 24 hours
Mendonsa Google Classroom, Remind, Q Communications, Clever for online resources None at this time Tuesday 10-11 and Thursday 1-2, email and remind for appointments
Miller Google classroom / Zoom Zoom 3x a week
Skills: Tues/Thurs 9am
Fitness Friday 9 am
Office Hours addressed at all sessions after filling out form found in classroom
Moreno Google classroom / Zoom/Loom/Google Meet/, Clever, HMH Central & Rosetta Stone (for ELs), YouTube (videos & recorded lessons), Screencastify, Schmoop Tuesdays
Anytime via email or chat
Moreno-Cuevas Google classroom, Remind, Clever, recorded videos upon request if more help is needed email, T, Th, F 12-1 pm, F 1-2 pm
Nava Google classroom, email, short prerecorded videos TBD Email M-F 9-3, also 12-1 M-F (Zoom)
Necochea Google Classroom, Q Communications, Email Zoom (only if needed) Google Classroom - daily responses, "live" online M-F 8-9am
Nieburger Google Classroom, recorded videos, Email, Q communications, Remind, ZOOM if needed Only when (if) needed Email, Google Classroom, or Remind; anytime Mon-Fri; I will respond within 24 hours, but typically within 1-2 hours.
Nunez Google Classroom, Clever, McGraw-Hill, Zoom Zoom (only if needed) Email Wednesdays 9AM-12PM
Palomino Google Classroom, Clever, McGraw-Hill, Pearson Zoom Zoom: Wed @ Noon Daily through Classroom and e-mail when needed Zoom Wed Noon
Parra Galvez Google classroom, email, remind, Q communications, Screencastify Zoom on Tuesday 1pm-2pm and/or when needed Tuesday and Thursday 1-3pm via email
Parson Google Classroom, email, Q communications, Go Formative, Kami, Screencastify, Educreations, Quizziz, GimKit, NearPod, Peardeck, Khan Academy, Notability,, Manga High, EdPuzzle IM 1: Ongoing through Go Formative and Email IM 2: Ongoing through Go Formative and Email IM 1: Zoom Th 1PM-2PM
IM 2: Zoom Th 11AM-12PM Email
Pasqualetto Google Classroom, McGraw-Hill, Zoom, Clever Zoom Wed -Fri 11AM-12PM email any time and messages through Google Classroom
Patterson Google Classroom   Wed. 9-10 a.m.
Pfeiffer Google Classroom Email and Google Classroom Monday/Wednesday 12-1, but have notifications on everyday
Plaster Q Comm., Work Packets/Parent letters Email 2x a day Emails/USPS/Phone
Pruett Google Classroom, Q Communications, email NONE Message via google classroom and/or e-mail any time
Raleigh Google Classrom, Q Communication, email None Email/Google Classroom W 9 -10 and F 2-3.
Ramirez Google Classroom, Email, Remind, Q Communications, Recorded Lessons Email, Google Class Monday/Wednesday 1-2pm Zoom upon request, GClass, Email Fridays 1-2 pm
Ramos Google Classroom, Google Sites, Kami, Google Forms, Q, email & remind for communication, Flipgrid and prerecorded videos. None Monday & Wednesday 12-1. However I am responding as I get an alert after hours
Ramsey Google classroom and recording lessons after the film analysis unit None Wednesday from 1-3 and Friday from 10-12
Remington, Ja Google classroom TBD - As Needed Email or Zoom: Mondays 1-3pm; Fridays 8-10am
Reynolds Google Classroom, W/TH 1-4p Wed-1-4 & as needed
Richie Google Classroom, Zoom, Holt-McDougal, Friday's 1-4 pm Friday's 1-4 pm
Rightnar Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, Outlook Thursdays 11:00 - 12:00 Email All Day M-F
Riley Google classroom, IXL, email, zoom Google classroom Mondays and Wednesday 10:00 to 11 Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 to 2pm
Roese     zoom TH 11:00 -12:00
Rowe Google Classroom, email, Springboard N/A Email All Day M-F
Royal   Google Meet, Tues-Thurs, Times TBA on Mondays Email/Remind/Google Classroom/Scheduled Google Meet/Q Communications; Tues & Thurs; All day
Sahagun Google Classroom, Q communications, Sreencastify Zoom Q&A T-Th 1-3 pm Email, messages via Google Classroom
Samet Google Classroom, Zoom Recorded Lessons, Smart Learning Online, Desmos TBD Email on going, Google classroom
SanFilippo Google Classroom, school email
Saravia Google Classroom, Q Communications, Email Zoom Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday 9-10 am as needed Email and Google classroomMonday-Thursday 8am-3pm
Scott Google classroom, Remind, Q communications, email, Loom for recorded lectures, Kami, HASPI, Clever, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Educreations, AWW whiteboard, NewsEla,, You Tube, Stop Motion Animation, PBLs, Flipgrid, Powtoons, Scratch, Adobe Spark, EdPuzzle, Microsoft Sway. n/a
Sitton Google Classrom, Q Communication, email N/A Zoom: Fridays from 12-1 Emails: M-F 8-3
Smith Google Classroom, school email, remind 101, Q communication, Zoom (maybe) I might use Zoom to do check ups on my students. This would only be on Fridays during the office hours given to me by Roberson. Meetings will not last longer than an hour. Email, remind 101, google classoom, Q communications. Wed 1pm- 3pm and Friday 10am -noon.
Stolpe Google Classroom, Q Communication, Email None Ongoing email and Google communication
Stone google classroom,q communication, e-mail
Stovall Google classroom, QCommunication, email None Wed 8am to 4 pm
Stratton Google classroom, email, Qcommunication, Remind French 1&2 None, French 3 Thursdays 1PM, IB French Tuesdays 1PM Tues & Thurs 1-3PM, email, Remind, zoom meeting if necessary
Takavorian Google classroom, email, Qcommunication None Mon-Thur 10-3pm via email
Tornero Google classroom, email, Qcommunication, and Zoom/meet Only for office hours or IB discussions Email/Zoom/Meet on Tuesday and Thursdays 1-3 pm
Torres Google Classroom,Q cummunications, email, Zoom (when needed), and recorded lessons using Screencastify Zoom meetings, only if needed Constanlty checking emails, but office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-3pm
Van Slyke qcummunications, email, googleclassroom, zoom, clever, and mcgraw online
Vargo Google classroom, email, Q Email Ongoing email and google classroom communication
Varona, B Google Classroom, Q communications, NewsEla,, Khan academy, Zoom, email, Remind, Screencastify, Youtube, TedEd Zoom Co-teaching Thursday's 1-2pm Office Hours Fridays from 2-4 on Zoom or Via email any time. Available by phone for Caseload Parents
Varona, M Google classroom, email, Q communication Email/zoom as needed Anytime via email
Velazquez Google classroom, Q communications, Kami, Kahoot, Quizlet, Quizizz, myhrw, khan academy, pre-recorded zoom sessions and remind None at this time. Ongoing email, google classroom, and remind commmunication
Vizzini Google Classroom, District Email None at this time. Email Office Hours Monday 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Wadkins Google classroom; Read 180; Texts/Phone calls/ Email; IXL;Q
Walters Google Clssroom, Email, Q Communications,
None Email (typically respond within 24 hours during the week, but usually in 1-4 hours) and Wed 12-4
Ward Google Classroom, Khan Acadamy, Google Forms, Screencastify, YouTube, Desmos None unless zoom meeting requested by student Guaranteed quick email response Monday and Wednesday 8a - 10a Can reach me outside of these hours through remind or email
Washburn Google Classroom, No Red Ink, Kami, Q Communications, Email (please do not erase this info) TBD Tues and Thurs
Williams Wyatt Google Classroom, Email None Wed 10-11,checking emails often
Woods Google Classroom, Canvas (DE), Email, Q Communication, Screencastify Zoom Mondays CS II 1-2 PM CIS21 2-3 PM Wed
Zepeda Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Remind, Q communications, Flinn online labs, Edpuzzle, screencastify, Kami Zoom Tuesday/Thursday 11-12 Zoom Tues/Thurs 11-12 Email and Remind during typical school hours
Zink Google classroom, Email, Q None Ofiice hours are 8am-9am, M-F. Email, google classroom