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Canyon Springs High School

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Mission & Vision Statements

MVUSD Mission Statement

We will provide an equitable education for all students to be prepared for college and/or a viable career path for a successful life.


MVUSD Vision Statement

To empower students to become future ready and positively impact the world.



CSHS Mission Statement

The Mission of Canyon Springs High School is to cultivate lifelong learners in supportive and challenging educational environments, which promote the development of the skills necessary to empower students in post-secondary education and/or viable career paths.



CSHS Vision Statement

The Canyon Springs High School Community is dedicated to ensuring that our students display integrity, act responsibly, collaborate effectively, think critically, and demonstrate strength of character. Our Cougar values will develop high school graduates who are thoroughly prepared to become civic-minded, responsible global citizens.



School Wide Learning Outcomes

Canyon Springs will develop high school graduates who:

Employ critical thinking skills

Collaborate effectively with peers and staff

Demonstrate the Cougar values of responsibility, integrity, and grit

Become global and civic-minded citizens

Utilize technology effectively as responsible digital citizens



Cougar Values