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Counseling Department » UC Approved Coursework (a-g classes)

UC Approved Coursework (a-g classes)

The following courses meet requirements for admission to the University of California.

- denotes courses that have been approved for extra honors credit:a=5 b=4, c=3.
- denotes courses that cannot be used to fulfill the "g" elective requirement.
The 'category' column represents the specific subject requirement fulfilled by the course.

a - History / Social Science - 2 years required
Two years of history/social science, including one year of World History, Cultures or Geography; and one year of US History or one-half year of US History and one-half year of American Government/Civics.
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
*U.S. History
Hist- -Bu Ac S2, US History ACT S1, US History ACT S2, US History HCA S1, US History HCA S2, US History-Bu Ac S1, United States History, United States History S1, United States History S2 
U.S. History     
AP European History  AP Eur Hist World History / Geography / Cultures  AP  
AP Government and Politics United States AP GovPol US, American Government AP American Government / Civics  AP Semester
AP Human Geography AP Hum Geo World History / Geography / Cultures  AP   
AP United States History    AP US Hist, American History AP  U.S. History  AP  
U.S. Government   United States Government  American Government / Civics   Semester
World History, Culture, and Geography  World Hist/Culture/Geog, World Hist/Culture/Geog S1, World Hist/Culture/Geog S2  World History / Geography / Cultures     
World History/Cult. & Geog. (H)  Wrld Hist/Culture/Geo-Hon S1, Wrld Hist/Culture/Geo-Hon S2  World History / Geography / Cultures     
b - English - 4 years required
Four years of college preparatory English. Students may only use 1 year of ESL/ELD English.
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
AP English Language and Composition  AP Engl Lang, English Lang-AP, English Lang-AP, English Lang-Ap English AP  
AP English Literature and Composition  AP Engl Lit, English Literature (AP), English Literature AP S1, English Literature AP S2 English AP  
Communications & Lit. for Business Business Eng/Communication English    
Contemporary Am. Multicultural Lit. Cont. Amer Multicultural Lit English    
English 1 *ENGLISH 1, ENGLISH 1, ENGLISH 1, ENGLISH 1, English 1 English    
English 1 (H) ENGLISH 1-HONOR, English 1 (H) English    
English 2 *ENGLISH 2, ENGLISH 2, ENGLISH 2, English 2 English    
English 2 (H) ENG 2 HGNT, ENG 2 HNGT, ENGLISH 2-HONOR, English 2(H), HCA ENG 2 HON English    
English 3 ENGLISH 3, English 3 English    
English 3 (H)  ACT ENG 3 HN, BA ENGLISH 3 HN, ENG 3 HGNT, ENG 3 HNGT, ENGLISH 3 HONOR, English 3 (H), HCA ENG 3 HN English H  
Expository Reading & Write Expository Reading & Write, Expository Reading & Write S1, Expository Reading & Write S2 English    
Integrated Marketing and English (UCCI) Integrated Marketing and English (UCCI), Integrated Mktg - English, Integrated Mktg - English S1, Integrated Mktg - English S2 English    
c - Mathematics - 3 years required, 4 years recommended
Three years of college preparatory mathematics that includes the topics covered in Elementary Algebra/Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2. Approved Integrated Math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement.
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
Adv Algebra/Trig/Entry Level Math Adv. Alg./Trig. Advanced Mathematics    
Algebra 1  ALGEBRA 1, ALGEBRA 1, ALGEBRA 1B S1, Algebra 1 Algebra 1    
Algebra 2  ALGEBRA 2, Algebra 2, BA ALGEBRA 2 Algebra 2    
Algebra 2 (H)  ALGEBRA 2 HON, Algebra 2 
Algebra 2    
AP Calculus AB  AP Calc AB, Calculus AB Advanced Mathematics AP  
AP Calculus BC  AP Calc BC, Calculus BC- AP Advanced Mathematics AP  
AP Statistics  AP STATISTIC, AP Stat, H AP STATISTIC, Statistics (AP) Advanced Mathematics AP  
Geometry  BA GEOM, CA GEOMETRY, GEOMETRY, GEOMETRY, Geometry Geometry    
Pre-Calculus PRE-CALCULUS, Pre-Calculus Advanced Mathematics    
Pre-Calculus (H)  PRE-CALC HONORS, Pre-Calculus (H) Advanced Mathematics H  
Trigonometry TRIG S2, Trigonometry Advanced Mathematics    
d - Laboratory Science - 2 years required, 3 years recommended
Two years of laboratory science, including two of the three fundamental disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This requirement can also be met by completing the latter two years of a 3-year Integrated Science program.
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
Anatomy & Physiology ANAT/PHYS, Anatomy & Physiology, HCA ANAT/PHY Biological Science    
AP Biology  27261, AP Bio, AP Biology Semester 2 Biological Science AP  
AP Chemistry  AP Chem Chemistry AP  
Chemistry CHEMISTRY, Chemistry, HCA CHEMIST Chemistry    
Physics PHYSICS, Physics Physics
e - Language Other than English - 2 years required, 3 years recommended
Two years of the same language other than English.
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
AP French Language and Culture  APFrench, French (AP), French (AP) Language S2, French Language (AP) S1 LOTE Year 4+ AP  
AP Spanish Language  AP SPANISH, APSpan Lang, Spanish Language (AP) LOTE Year 4+ AP  
AP Spanish Literature  APSpan Lit, Spanish Literature (AP) LOTE Year 4+ AP  
French 1  FRENCH 1, French 1 LOTE Year 1    
French 2 FRENCH 2, French 2 LOTE Year 2    
French 3 FRENCH 3, French 3 LOTE Year 3    
Spanish 1  SPANISH 1, SPANISH 1, SPANISH 1, Spanish 1 LOTE Year 1    
Spanish 2 ACADEMY SPAN 2, SPANISH 2, Spanish 2 LOTE Year 2    
Spanish 3 SPANISH 3, Spanish 3 LOTE Year 3    
Spanish for Native Speakers 1  Spanish for Native Speakers 1 LOTE Year 1    
Spanish for Native Speakers 2 Spanish for Native Speakers 2 LOTE Year 2  
f - Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
Advanced Video Productions Advanced Video Prod Visual Arts (Advanced)    
AP Studio Art: Drawing  AP Art, Studio Art-AP, Studio Art-AP, Studio Art-AP Visual Arts (Advanced) AP  
Art 1  Art 1, Art 1, Art 1 Visual Arts (Intro)    
Art 2 ART 2, Art 2 S1, Art 2 S2 Visual Arts (Advanced)    
Art 3 ART 3, Art 3 S1, Art 3 S2 Visual Arts (Advanced)    
Art 4 Art 4 S1, Art 4 S2 Visual Arts (Advanced)    
Ceramics  Ceramics, Ceramics-S1, Ceramics-S2 Visual Arts (Intro)    
Chamber Ensemble  Chamber Music Ensemble Music (Intro)    
Digital Media Productions Digitial Media Prod Visual Arts (Advanced)    
Exploraton in Music  Music Exploration In Music (Intro)    
Film Studies  Film Studies Visual Arts (Intro)    
Madrigals  Madrigals S1, Madrigals S2 Music (Intro)    
Photography 101  Photo Visual Arts (Intro)    
Theater Workshop - Advanced   Theater Arts (Advanced)    
Wind Ensemble  WIND ENSEMBLE, Wind Ensemble S1, Wind Ensemble S2 Music (Intro)  
g - Elective - 1 year required
One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in "a-f" above. All courses must be listed under "a-f" above with the exception of courses marked with a blue diamond () in Mathematics, Language Other than English, and VPA; plus the following:
Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes
Advanced Creative Writing Workshop Creative Write Wksp-Adv. English    
Advanced Journalism Adv. Jour. English    
African American Studies African American Studies History / Social Science    
AP Macroeconomics  AP Macro History / Social Science AP Semester
AP Psychology  16950, AP Psych History / Social Science AP  
Avid Senior Seminar Avid Senior Seminar Interdisciplinary    
Chicano Studies Chicano Studies History / Social Science    
Earth Science EARTH SCIENCE, Earth Science Science-Physical    
Economics Economics History / Social Science   Semester
Economics-Virtual Business Virtual Business History / Social Science    
Life Science Life Science S1, Life Science S2 Science-Biological    
Physical Science PHYS SCI 2/1, Physical Science S1, Physical Science S2 Science-Physical    
Psychology 1 PSYCH 1, PSYCH 2, PSYCHOLOGY 1/2, Psychology 1 History / Social Science    
Psychology 2 Psychology 2 History / Social Science    
Sociology SOCIOLOGY, Sociology History / Social Science  
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