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Counseling Department » Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are required by many private colleges and universities as well as many scholarship programs or employers. In order to write a more personal and detailed recommendation, it is beneficial for your counselor to gather specific information about you, your achievements and the variety of activities in which you are involved.
Your account provides you with an excellent resource for tracking all of your high school activities as well as creating and updating your resume.

It is advisable to utilize the following guidelines:
  1. Make sure the person you ask to write the recommendation knows you well.
  2. Make personal contact to ask. Never leave a request in a mailbox.
  3. Please be sure to give the writer at least 2-3 weeks notice. It takes time to write a good letter and you will want the best.
  4. Provide an updated resume to the person writing your letter.
  5. Thank the writer! A verbal or written "Thank You" reflects your manners and an understanding of the time and effort given.
Please don't be the student who waits for the last minute.

Note: The CSU & most UC campuses DO NOT require nor do they want Letters of Recommendation. UC Berkeley, after reviewing applications, may request a letter of recommendation.