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Canyon Springs High School

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IB Coordinator & IB Counselor- Christine Flores
CAS Supervisor- Deborah Saravia
EE Supervisor & ToK instructor- Diane Donald

Group 1: IB Literature and Language (English)  
Juniors—Deborah Saravia
Seniors—Alison Hofer-Cacaam
Group 2: Language Acquisition (IB World Languages)  
French- Warren Stratton
Spanish- Amanda Tornero

Group 3: Individuals and Societies  (History of the Americas & 20th Century World History Topics)


Juniors- Diane Donald

Seniors- Ryan Hazinski

Group 4: Experimental Sciences


Chemistry- Keith Raleigh

Group 5: Mathematics


IB Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches HL- Brian Campbell

IB Mathematical Studies - Rowan Carvajal

Group 6:


Film- Deborah Saravia