Guidance Counselor Information
Counselor Events and Dates to Keep in Mind
Posted on 07/13/2016

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, the Guidance Department would like to give you some information and also make you aware of some important dates.

During registration each year the Guidance Department sets aside specific times for students to see their counselor to preview their schedule and make any last minute course changes.  These meetings are offered on a first come, first serve basis and are done by grade level.  The list of assigned times are included in the handout below and also as an optional handout included in the registration materials.

Students needing to make changes to their electives, honors or AP courses or program changes (academies, avid, athletics, band, rotc, etc.) are encouraged to come in during their assigned time designated in the registration process.  It is always easier for the counselors to try to make these programmatic changes before the school year begins.

Please remember that all schedules are preliminary until finalized for the first day of school.

The second document that has been prepared for distribution is our new "Guidance at a Glance".  This two-page document lists important guidance activities and events that are held during the school year.  A brief description along with the event date and time is listed for your planning convenience.

Also included in the Glance is some information about signing up for the counselors' Remind.  Each student and parent is encouraged to sign up for their own Remind group.  The counselors have created groups by "class of" for the students and the parents separately.  Counselors use Remind to send periodic reminders to students and parents regarding important deadlines, etc.

For the class change schedule click on the pdf here:  Counselor Schedule During Registration.pdf

For the "At a Glance" click on this document: Guidance at a Glance 2016-2017.pdf

We also would encourage you to visit the Guidance section of the website.  The counselors have compiled much information pertaining to high school, college and career.  This resource is updated regularly and can be a good source of information.